CEO Message

CEO & Chairman Message

So we’re talking about the ‘knowledge economy’, the strong hope to attain the economic stability and growth in the Country. Yes, no doubt, the industrial era has become the past and thus future is lying under the driving forces emerging through the ‘knowledge’; whether there’re analytical abilities, predicting the global economy, coping with rapid environmental changes and technology shifts, we owe our future in the hands of our knowledge-workers.
So, how best we really are in utilizing our youth, seniors and our knowledge-workers for the uplift of our Country? Whereas ultimately achieving good heights in the global economy.
The Careers Tests Agency(CTA) has been aimed to assess and evaluate the compatibility and hidden potential in the human-resources of the Country. This all would be done through the careful, competency-based and practical knowledge’s evaluation of our potential human-resources.
I am delighted to express that CTA has been on its way to impart the emerging concepts of assessments, trainings and guidelines in its evaluation process. We are very much hopeful to create a positive change in the Country’s overall economic system.

Rao Muhammad Shakeel Iqbal
Chief Executive Officer