About Us

Careers Tests Agency Assembling Of Youth!

At Careers Tests Agency (CTA), we are an employment and academic testing service, dealing with university students and job applicants, holding tests online and offline.

We are an independent educational/employment testing service who arranged nationwide examinations for student of higher education, scholarships, and candidates for employment, helping employers choose the right staff for the jobs and universities to choose better students to enroll, we have helped both private and public sectors to fulfill their employment needs, we have professionals from respected educational institutions who prepare the tailored questionnaire as per employer needs, interview to get the right candidates for your specific needs at no cost to you.

Our department heads are the pioneers of 3rd party testing services in Pakistan with combined experience of over 35 years. For all kinds of job-related assessments or academics tests contact us.



Through CTA services, a large pool of applicants is tested and compare for desire qualification which make a selection process easy for the organization.

Skills like critical thinking and problem-solving abilities these are the skill which cannot be measured through academic grades and formal education. So with the help of CTA services one can do the in-depth study of applicant knowledge which is learned for unfamiliar context, intrapersonal and interpersonal and emotional intelligence abilities.

We also offer customized services according to the need of organizations.


Our pre-employment screening process sets us apart from other employment agencies, so you can be confident in your direct hire decisions. We have done everything to make sure that our clients get standardized employment and academic testing. We work closely with various institutions, and companies in building and strengthening stronger teamwork in the entire corporate world. Many companies will have to hire our services for the future of their business in the competitive market. Our team of professional from top to the bottom has one goal; to provide custom employment solutions and staffing for Pakistan and neighboring countries. Our client portfolio includes renowned organizations in public, private and multilateral sectors. We are a leading executive search firm specialized in recruitment. We help our client to get the right people at the right place at the right time. Our Advisory Board includes eminent personalities from different professional spheres to add diversity in ideas, which we believe is another strategic advantage that differenciate us. The experience and professional excellence of our board members add to the strategic excellence that remains the cornerstone of our formation at CTA.

Cost Effective solution

Our services not only benefit you in selecting of a good applicant from the pool of candidates but also charging a nominal fee for effective services.

Pioneer in Test Development

CTA Test Development processes meet the highest quality standards, that serve an equal fairness to all applicants whatever their gender background or culture are.

We do R&D

CTA always do R&D to develop a quality test which benefits our client organization to find valid traits and qualities of an applicant.

Collaborative Working

We work collaboratively with our clients to find out the desired trait and quality in applicants, for which they should be put in test.

Managing the Selection Process

We work closely with our clients for managing the whole process of selection in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the administrative process.